A beneficial service for everyone concerned!

Establishing a company’s own children’s nursery or a company’s exclusive access to childcare for the children of its employees is a profitable undertaking for every company. The success of every company depends to a large extent on the working conditions and the well-being of its employees

The creation of a nursery raises the employer’s image as a family-friendly company and improves relations with employees.

We offer…

  • flexible and competent childcare through year-round company-oriented opening times;
  • qualified personnel selected according to strict criteria;
  • teachers who speak only in their native tongue.

Your employees…

are happy to report to work, knowing that their children are in good hands, and carry out their tasks more efficiently as a result.
The company nursery makes it easier for them to balance their profession and personal life.

The companies….

  • position themselves as family-friendly employers who take care of their employees;
  • establish close, durable bonds with their staff;
  • have a strong argument when recruiting new employees.

The benefits of a multilingual institution….

  • two languages are a gift for any child;
  • the children are prepared for life in a multilingual society and culture;

International employees can integrate better and faster.