Collaboration with parents is an essential component of our pedagogical work, whereby the focus is always on the child. In shaping that collaboration we pay particular attention to the heterogeneous situations of the families. An open and respectful partnership between parents and pedagogical staff gives everyone involved guidance and security, so that the child encounters the most ideal development conditions possible.

As a pedagogical institution, being on equal footing with the parents is important to Le Jardin. Parents are experts for their child and know them best. Active listening and an authentic interaction with one another build space for a dialog based on trust. This serves as the foundation of a shared pedagogical basis for the well-being of the child.

When we think of an educational partnership, then we are thinking both of teaching and raising the children. We place the ability to balance family and career through childcare at the forefront. In this cooperation, all partners’ visions and expectations of education are taken into consideration in equal measure. In this way, the goals relative to upbringing and instruction can be agreed and further developed. Through these educational partnerships, the child experiences not only structural and informative security, but also emotional support and continuity between institution and parental home.

Le Jardin sees itself as an institution that complements and supports the family. For us, this means that parents can obtain assistance and advice with questions and problems in the areas of child upbringing, socialization and development. The offer of these professional resources is the result of a close exchange and of maintaining a continuous dialog.