The role of the pedagogical employees

Education is a lifelong process, right from the outset. The pedagogical employees of Le Jardin are fully aware of this and accompany children as co-builders within the framework of a shared path. Personal and professional competence go hand in hand here.

The pedagogical employees treat all children, parents, colleagues and representatives of sponsors and the general public with an attitude of respect and professionalism. We place particular importance on a positive and warm-hearted interaction with one another, so everyone can feel welcome and valued.

To our way of thinking, personal competences mean…

  • sensitivity and empathy toward our fellow human beings
  • a professional sense of proximity and distance
  • the ability to put oneself in others’ shoes (seeing from a different perspective)
  • awareness of the importance of undivided attention in dialog with children
  • taking criticism as an opportunity and as an impetus to reflect on pedagogical action
  • willingness to learn new things in every area of work
  • an open-minded attitude, especially for languages and cultures
  • willingness and ability to assume responsibility
  • taking pleasure in one’s work and demonstrating personal commitment

The actions of the pedagogical employees are based on well-established professional competences.