“Two languages are a gift for any child! We want to awaken children’s curiosity and interest in foreign languages. Anyone who feels comfortable in more than one language gains not only in terms of their own expression, but also acquires a deeper insight into other cultures and perspectives. In that sense, multilingual capability aims beyond the mere command of languages: it will help the future generation to reach out to others, learn tolerance and respect, and thereby overcome barriers.”
Frédéric Claude, General Director of Le Jardin.

Le Jardin Multilinguale Kindereinrichtungen

Le Jardin Multilinguale Kindereinrichtungen gGmbH, is a non-profit organization who was established in 2003. We currently have 7 nurseries, 3 preschools for children aged from 3 to 6 years and 1 after-school child-minding program running in the Frankfurt area. Le Jardin was one of the first nursery providers anywhere in Germany to offer multilingual childcare for children aged from 2 months to 6 years.

As an experienced institution for multilingual preschool facilities, our device is “Two languages are a gift for any child!”

The three pillars of our concept

Multilingual capability

Society is placing more and more importance on multilingual capability. The ability to speak more than one language makes it possible for people to connect with the world through words. Consequently, linguistic development is a key topic within the context of early childhood education. The immersion method we use enables spontaneous natural language acquisition – the term immersion here refers to a sort of “language bath”. Children dive into multiple languages…

Open-minded attitude toward the world outside

Le Jardin welcomes people from all countries, and wants to accompany them in the development of intercultural competences. We hold cultural and linguistic variety in high esteem, and see them as enrichment and a chance to learn. Our open-minded attitude toward the world helps the children to learn to take pleasure in discovering similarities and differences. In so doing we transmit values such as equality, tolerance, acceptance and solidarity. Through our international team…

Nature as a space for living and experiencing

The plethora of sensory experiences in nature not only represents an enrichment of the child’s living space, but also leads to a more clearly discerning awareness of the body and enhanced self-esteem. This essential nature consciousness forms an integral part of our everyday work and is underscored through visits to our facilities’ own gardens and allotment gardens, as well as through excursions to nearby parks and woods…

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